HEIN+KLEIN - Sunsets LP Limited Orange Vinyl

Release September 24th world wide

Finally it ´s here! The first ever physical release of HEIN+KLEIN. "Sunsets" is his third studio album including hit single "Sun goes down" and comes as limited 180 grame colored vinyl. There are 150 copies each in blue or orange. Grab one or more of these numbered copies now!

HEIN+KLEIN - Sunrise

Release September 23rd 2022 world wide

MThe rework of one of the SUNRISE album tracks - this time - SUNRISE itself has become a fan favorite again.

HEIN+KLEIN Going insane

Release July 30th world wide

"Going insane" was first released in 2016 on the iTunes Top Ten Longplayer "SUNRISE". Throughout the last years this song became more and more ppreciated by my fans so i decided to rework this one for you. And here it is. Now with some cool guitar and brass sounds in it is already very well anticipated on all plaatforms so far.....enjoy!

The Deeper Institute // Recordings

Welcome to my Sub Page "The Deeper Institute // Recordings" which is representing my label. The label will be your contact for any queries regarding licensing etc. Please contact us ! We will come back to you very soon.

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